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Sundays River Irrigation Board

The Board was first established in 1917 with the purpose of constructing Darlington Dam. The necessary funds were made available from the Government for this purpose.

The Board exists for the benefit of the Irrigators and is administered by Irrigators, who have been elected to serve on the Board for a determined period. They are responsible for the financial responsibilities and the operation and maintenance of the entire canal system.

The Board Members are responsible for the development of policies imposed by the National Water Act and policies dictated by this and adaptation thereof to local circumstances.

Lake Mentz was renamed Darlington Dam during 1995 Verwoerd Dam was renamed Gariep Dam during 1995


In terms of the National Water Act no 36 of 1998 the Irrigation Board had to transform to a Water User Association with its own Constitution. This was promulgated in the Government Gazette on the 20 August 2004 and the Management Committee was elected during February 2005 and started operating from 1 April 2005.

The Association retained all the staff from the Irrigation Board


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