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About Us

about usDue to the distance involved from the Gariep Dam to Darlington Dam the Department developed a computer model, which also takes into consideration the quality of the water that is required in Darlington Dam and arranges the releases from Oviston accordingly..

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Our Dams

damsThe original purpose of the dam was to act as a balancing dam for the irrigation canals. During construction a secondary purpose, the augmenting of the water supply for Port Elizabeth was identified.

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Mission Statement


The vision of the Lower Sundays River Water User Association is to be a fully representative body and roll model to fulfil the control function to continually adapt the functional infrastructure to create specialist water supply so that satisfactory service is provided to clients.

Good management by satisfied staff will result in productivity, physical stability and guarantee effective operations.

The ideal is to be transparent and accountable to the border community which it serve.

Our Dams

Gariep Dam

The Gariep Dam was originally named the Hendrik Verwoerd Dam after the first Prime Minister of the Republic of South Africa Hendrik....

Darlington Dam

Darlington Dam (Lake Mentz) was completed during 1922 and filled for the first time during 1928 as a result of runoff from the....

Scheepersvlakte Dam

Scheepersvlakte Dam is situated about 15 km east of Kirkwood and 5 km north of Sunland in a dry tributary of the Coerney river....


The construction of the diversion weir, Korhaans Weir commenced during 1911 and was completed in 1913

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